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The Barrie Furnace Repair Image Gallery

Here are a group of pics added by Barrie Furnace Repair showing repairs, cleanings and safety checks. These pics were gathered while on the job. Many warm air furnace repairs are local in Barrie or Alcona, Innisfil, Stroud, Big Bay Point and Simcoe area. It helps my new customers see what work is being done and why. It is a good way to show what may need maintenance, repair or replacement. It helps to give a visual of what is seen through the heating technicians eyes.

Experience is a must – especially in Canada. Barrie Furnace Repair prides itself on experience. Barrie Furnace Repair is a 100% Canadian. When you call, know you’re talking to the “heating guy” and not a call center employee from another country. Know that Barrie Furnace Repair only does local business here in Barrie. And for that reason, we care about your well being.